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Why Choose Bollyfit?

Bollyfit is scientifically tested and the routines are copyrighted. It is a unique cardiovascular, full-body strength, endurance and agility exercise program designed for people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels. Being firmly rooted in India’s rich culture of folk dance, Bollyfit stands apart and upright from all the other fitness programs.

What are the Benefits.

Bollyfit is specially designed for the youth as a full body workout routine comprising of cardio vascular, upper body, lower body, core strength, overall endurance and flexibility components for enhancing the very energy and power of Young India. The routines are scientifically designed to reach and maintain the orange zone of heart rate (Maximum fat burning zone) and maintain high level of metabolic activity. All workout routines are inspired by authentic folk dance forms with music mixed in the most efficient form to develop a technique of high intensity workout.

This can be Fit For.

Group Exercise instructors, Group Exercise Managers and Studio Owners, Fitness Instructors, Sports professionals, Dance Instructors, Gym/Club Owner.